Organic Facialist is inspired by the natural beauty of San Luis Obispo, especially its poppies and lupines!

Welcome to the Organic Facialist spa site!

Growing up on the central coast of California, I lived by the Morro Creek Ranch avocado farm. Each day after school I collected avocados, limes and lemons from next door and brought them home. I then mixed oatmeal, honey, rice and other various items from my mom’s spice cabinet together with these ingredients and made facial masks and body treatments out of the them. I knew at the young age of 8 that I wanted to be part of the exciting world of skincare.

My services include the use of pharmaceutical-grade, organic plant based products that are 100% non-toxic. These products are results oriented, and they do not contain any animal products-byproducts, nor are they tested on animals.

Portrait of Linda Frommeyer, owner of Organic Facialist.

According to my professional experience, skin is the largest and the most important organ of the body. It absorbs 30% of topical ingredients into the bloodstream which is then filtered through the liver; therefore, it is imperative that we nourish our bodies with only natural chemical-free products.

I look forward to becoming your quality skincare provider.

-Linda Frommyer