Changing skincare every season?!

You often hear of skincare companies recommending to purchase new products every season. Here in the east coast we have 3 seasons (hot/humid, hot/wet/humid, or cold dry). I always recommend to my clients to treat the current skin condition – not what the marketing departments recommend. I read just recently a large retail (not professional) skin care company recommend 12 different products 4 times a year!  As opposed to the reality of needing one or two alternative products.

Skin conditions generally don’t change unless being treated for health related conditions with pharmacuticals which often leave skin: dry, dehydrated, irritated and sensitive. Primarily skin conditions are consistent. Environment can have a impact on skin conditions but as a rule one or two products to add or replace during these weeks/months is all that is needed.

For example, during the hot/humid/wet season I recommend replacing a cream base cleanser that is more hydrating to a gel based cleanser that is appropriate for oily conditions. Also, I would recommend replacing a heavy weight moisturizer to a lighter, water based moisturizer during this time of year.

I encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me to explore this important topic further.  I value conservation and practicality in all things including skincare and not purchasing products that are not benificial.