Why Brazillians?!

Brazilians bikini + hair removal Pros and Cons! At Organic Facialist we use ONLY organic, non plastic, bee based wax that does not hurt, never leaves redness. We NEVER double dip. Ultra clean.

Although there are many reasons to wax vs shaving I wanted to highlight a few pro/cons on all things waxing to remove unwanted hair specifically brazilians!


PRO: You’re Hairless For Longer Periods Of Time. Since the hair is being removed from the hair follicle my clients typically see smoothness for 3 to 5 weeks. Although each individual hair growth cycle is different the typical I see in my studio is 4 weeks of no to little hair.

CON: You Have To Let Hair Grow Out One big negative of waxing (especially if you hate body hair)? You have to let the hair grow out a little bit so that there’s something for the wax to hold onto. That means that you’ll have to deal with a little bit of hair (at least 1/4 inch of hair is needed for waxing) for at least five days before a wax.

PRO: It Won’t Grow As Thick After A While When you’ve been waxing for a while, you’ll notice that your hair starts growing in differently. It won’t grow in as thick as it once did, and after a long time, patches of hair might not stop growing in completely.

CON: Waxing Can Increase Your Risk Of STIs or STDs Numerous studies have found that bikini or Brazilian waxes can increase your chances of getting an STI or STD. This is because when you remove the pubic hair, you’re more susceptible to infections. Another reason? If you go to a wax place that isn’t clean or that double dips, they can spread STDs through the wax.

PRO: It Gets Rid Of Black Stubble You know that black stubble that gets left behind on your skin after you shave? Waxing eliminates that!

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