Skin care and importance of moisture during the winter in Alexandria!!

Now that winter is officially here I want to highlight the importance of moisture and it’s role in maintaining skin. Protecting the outer layer also known as the protective barrier (acid mantle) is key to ensure the skin and the deeper layers are not compromised, thus resulting in inflammation. Common symptoms of inflammation are: redness, itching, rash and more severe is dermatitis (eczema) and rosacea.

Being a Licensed Esthetician ‘skin care therapist’ in Alexandria, VA, I see first hand the impact that it has. I encourage my clients to use a generous amount of product (approx half dollar size coin) post-cleansing. In order to lock in the moisture, layer the moisture on top of the water.

Always apply an organic, non-toxic spf during the day to protect against UVA/UVB/IR. With these simple steps, you will see improved color and tone throughout winter.