The importance of spf and Sorella!

I have a lot of clients tell me they only use spf when they are at the beach or pool. This is like saying I only wear coats in a snowstorm! We need protection from sun/wind/extreme hot/cold temperatures in the form of proper clothing and the proper skincare protection.

The average person is exposed to 2 hours of sunlight daily and 8 hours of artificial lighting. Fluorescence lighting, all electronics emits IR (infrared) light at a low level but the cumulative effect is the contributing factor of the increase of basal cell carcinoma.

Applying broad-spectrum physical spf (versus chemical) daily will protect you year around.

I’m proud to announce I will be offering the full line of the result oriented, organic skincare line Sorella! After researching and experimenting with over 20 professional skincare lines I have decided to commit to this life-changing line. They offer two physical broad-spectrum products that are the best in the industry!


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